Chester Arthur features the newest and most dynamic Schoolyard in the City of Philadelphia. After a remarkable five-year journey from conception to completion the new $1.7 million Schoolyard officially opened in Spring 2017!


The Arthur Schoolyard is more than just a playground - it's an outdoor classroom. Designed to optimize and enhance Arthur students' social, emotional, physical and cognitive development, the Schoolyard engages students in both learning and play. It comprises four labs - Systems, Energy, Motion and Habitat -.which will maximize the teaching and learning potential of the school and its students. While construction of the Schoolyard is now complete, efforts on the part of Arthur teachers to develop project-based curriculum to be applied in the new space are underway and ongoing. Paired with a three-year program of professional and curriculum development, the Schoolyard bridges the gap between theory and practice. The dynamic space will encourage interdisciplinary exploration and a multi-sensory experience while fostering the concept of systems thinking and creating a better school environment, inside and out.