The best way to learn more about FoCA and get involved is to join a committee! Committees comprise a mix of Board members and community volunteers. 

We always welcome new faces and new ideas! 

Marketing & Design Committee:

Help FoCA get the word out by designing flyers, drafting content for articles and newsletters, and promoting events and accomplishments on social media.

Finance Committee

Our Finance Committee, headed by our Treasurer, focuses on budgeting and financial planning and assists the Board in developing our annual budget. The contributions of volunteers with financial expertise and insight are greatly appreciated! 

Fundraising Committee

Our Fundraising Committee supports programming at Chester Arthur through grant writing, organizing our annual appeal, soliciting event sponsorships and planning the Southwest Center City (SWCC) 5k. No experience necessary – we're happy to train you!

Schoolyard & Capital Projects Committee

To date, our Schoolyard & Capital Projects Committee has been focused on developing and managing the construction of the Arthur Schoolyard. Looking forward, this Committee is responsible for maintaining the Schoolyard and does the heavy lifting when it comes to organized cleanups and planting days. Committee members will also serve as a resource to other public schools interested in pursuing their own schoolyard revitalization projects. In addition, this Committee takes the lead on other capital projects as they relate to the school and is perfect fit for the more hands-on volunteer! 

As part of the Committee's Schoolyard maintenance efforts, we seek volunteers each summer to help water and maintain the plants at the Schoolyard.  If you're interested, please sign up here:

Community Events & Outreach

As a neighborhood public school, connecting community stakeholders with the school is part of our mission and essential to the success of Chester Arthur. Our Community Events & Outreach Committee focuses its efforts on fostering important connections with local businesses and hosting events that invite the broader community to get to know Chester Arthur. The Committee has hosted back-to-school events, play dates in the Schoolyard, yoga in the park, Guys Night Out for Chester Arthur dads, bowling for catchment parents and game night in the Schoolyard. The Committee also administers Little FoCA, which organizes group play dates for preschool-aged kids.

FoCA Night Out Committee

Our largest single fundraising event is our annual FoCA Night Out in March. We raised more than $60,000 in 2016 and more than $74,000 in 2017. With 35 sponsors and over 225 attendees, the event is a LOT of fun, but takes a LOT of planning and wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of our Committee members.  

If you are interested in joining, please email us at