We were proud to surpass our goal of $15,000 during the 2016-17 annual appeal. Through the generosity of the Neubauer Family Foundation, the first $12,500 was matched and used to support the Bilingual Butterflies program, a Spanish immersion class that Arthur students love.

2016 SWCC 5k.jpg


In the Fall of 2016, FoCA worked together with Stanton Community Partners to organize the 8th annual SWCC 5k. Between 5k racers, Spooky Sprinters, volunteers, and friends and family who cheered from the fan zone - more than 500 people turned out for the event.



FoCA was honored to receive a renewal grant from the Lenfest Foundation to support Arthur’s middle grades’ after-school programming. The drama club’s production of Annie was a highlight of 2017 and the success of the school’s three STEM clubs continues to be a source of pride for Chester Arthur and its students.

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